Victory Garden Transition Challenge 2012

What will you do?

March 26th was kickoff day for our 3rd annual Victory Garden challenge - Victory Garden Transition Challenge. Register Today! Victory Garden Foundation is taking the challenge to encourage, inform, inspire, and support people to 'improve the quality of life in and around the garden.'  This national challenge launched by Transition US again this year is hoped to reach you and thousands of others to encourage you to grow food, save water, conserve energy all while building resilience and healthy communities.

The state of our collective health and resilience needs strengthening. Each individual can make a difference. A single act to inform, energize, and encourage is all it takes for us to help raise the awareness for all of us to eat healthier, save water, conserve energy while sharing and building resilience and health communities.

It is the sum of us all inspired to stand up and be counted. Last year I was especially inspired by the many stories shared about how people were helping themselves and helping others in need of healthy eating choices.  I won't tell you the stories here today; but you may read about just a few of them here. And, there have been so many more stories and actions since this time last year. This year is different. There seems to be an urgency and a need for collective actions to make a difference. Your voice will be heard when you take action to build a more resilient community where you live. You can be the inspiration for others. 

Your actions and stories from last year inspired Victory Garden Foundation to launch its People's Victory Garden initiative - building open community gardens in urban settings for the people, by the people, and at no charge to the people to grow their own food. In just 3 months, we have launched two (2) People's Victory Gardens in Oakland CA and one (1) in Richmond CA. And, we hope to do more  this year. This is pretty special to us because our plans were to launch one community garden each quarter. There is clearly a need for accessible, fresh, organic produce in neighborhoods. And, people are willing to grow it themselves!
One of many actions taken in 2011

Today, we hope that you will stand up to be counted and to encourage others to be counted in some way. And, Take Action! Share what you will do this year. Register your garden, action, project. Take Action! It costs you nothing to register except just a few minutes of your time. 

As a bonus, you can receive vegetable, herb, and flower seeds and a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card. It’s just our way of giving you a little push to get into your garden.

Watch this page for an accounting of your 2012 actions. As a reminder, here’s what you did last year. Let’s top it!

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