Friday, April 18, 2014

It's a Musical Friday

This morning I started my day early as usual. But, something seemed different about the day. Here's what I shared on my Facebook page this morning with a call to action that I repeat in this blog ...

Does the day feel like you're in a musical? This morning I was at Home Depot in the self-checkout. The clerk came over without a word and scanned everything for me. Instead of a 'simple' Thank You So Much. I broke out singing "Happy." WoW! The smile I received was incredible.

Then, I turned on my windshield wipers and there was no washer fluid. No worries! Here it comes ... "I'll see clearly now the rain is gone .." And just as I'm reading Higgins Sean 'be yourself' post ... wait for it ..

" I just want to be me ..." was playing on the Smooth Jazz in the background.

Are you having one of these days? If not, make it happen. Share your song with me and others today on "I'm a musical Friday!' #IAMF It's okay to sing to someone you meet today! Tell them, #ItsAMusicalFriday That smile can carry you through ... Share the Love ...
 Now, I'm not a singer ... my song voice is suspect :) But, nevertheless, I'm comfortable adding a sway to my voice with words from songs that come to mind. I bet if you try it you'll find that your day becomes so uplifting especially if you sing a song to stranger!

Making someone's day will make your day!

This is just one challenge to begin the Victory Garden Challenge for Community Resilience. During the Basic Gardening and Water Conservation class that I taught at the Berkeley Library West Branch last evening; I spared 5 things that I like about gardening. As I think about it ... there is the one thing that ties all of these together for me ...  

connecting and building relationships!

When you're working together with others on a common goal that has the potential to be life changing ... Wait for it - here's another song coming to me "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone!" You see, #ItsAMusicalFriday for me. Try it and share how it goes for you. It's just plain inspirational. [comment below].

I hope it also inspires you to share and Take the Victory Garden Challenge for Community Resilience this year. Start today ... Go here to Be Counted. Learn more about the challenge here. This is our 5th season of challenging myself and others to Be Counted for resilience. It starts with YOU! Year after Year, many continue to challenge themselves. I remember most of you (and there are hundreds). Let's do it again!!

Transition US and Daily Acts are leading the Community Resilience Challenge this year as national and local partners. Victory Garden Foundation continues to connect with these organizations to get the word out with inspiration-sharing from YOU to get  ...
Past years, we've offered 'things' - incentives to coax you to join in like offering seeds to plant and sweepstakes, compost and mulch. We may do some incentives again this year.

But, I'm more interested in your stories being the incentive to move the ground we walk on to become our inspiration to plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruit. To share with others - your harvest; your story; your positive reinforcement; your presence in someone's life to make just a little bit better.

These good folks started a compost business going door to door; collecting raw materials and returning with the black gold that our gardens so desperately needs. And, it's helping nature recycle waste to where it belongs.

The joy this young lady felt was felt by me and others. She'd just removed a Sorrel plant with a deep, deep tap root. She forgot about any troubles she was experiencing in her life. The joy of accomplishment meant so much. You see the length of that root? That's how far she had to dig. Not knowing how deep she had to go; she stuck with it until it was accomplished. And this was her first time working in the garden!! I felt her joy. "Making someone's day made my day!" And, all I did was provide the opportunity.

Let's do this friends. Getting at least 3500 people to take the challenge is our goal. (It's not about the numbers for me ... it's about gathering people together for positive growth and change, if needed.) Imagine what we can do together. You represent all parts of our planet and we may never see each other in person. But knowing you're there is powerful!

That's what this year's challenge is about for us. We will know where to go based on your efforts and connection with this Challenge. Let us hear from you that you'll be counted and how you want to do that!! We will be connected throughout this Challenge and beyond. ("Ain't no sunshine when she's gone!" ) We won't do this alone ... uh oh, wait for it "Vagabond" is playing (Paolo Rustichelli) - only together can we make a difference!

Do not let the 'Silience' in Resilience take over. Raise Your Voice!

Wait for it .. "I don't want to wait in vain .. " (Dianne Reeves)

is singing this as I wrote the above sentence.

Be on the "Side of Cool" ... (Barry Finnerty)

I'll sign off now while you sign on or I'll write a book in song today :) #ItsAMusicalFriday

Love you all! ... Turn Up!! ... V!
Victory V Lee, Founder
Victory Garden Foundation
Victory Garden Foundation