Victory Garden Transition Challenge 2013

May 1, 2013 was kickoff day for our 4th annual Victory Garden challenge - Victory Garden Transition Challenge. Register Today! Victory Garden Foundation is taking the challenge to encourage, inform, inspire, and support people to 'improve the quality of life in and around the garden.'  This national challenge launched by Transition US again this year is hoped to reach you and thousands of others to encourage you to grow food, save water, conserve energy all while building resilience and healthy communities.

As we kick off this year's challenge; we're reminded of the May snowfall in parts of the country, the continuing droughts, and the lack of snow on the mountaintops that quench our thirst. The changes in our climate gives us great reason to do our part to make changes in how we live our lives.  
Your actions and stories from past years' Challenges continue to inspire Victory Garden Foundation to launch its People's Victory Garden initiative - building open community gardens in urban settings for the people, by the people, and at no charge to the people to grow their own food. 

This year, we have launched two (2) more People's Victory Gardens in Oakland CA and one (1) Oakland School Garden.  This is pretty special to us because more than 180 people have called a People's Victory Garden their home garden or to volunteer to design and install the gardens in the past year.  There is clearly a need for accessible, fresh, organic produce in neighborhoods. And, people are willing to grow it themselves! There's no waiting list!!

Will you think about planting an extra row of vegetables; initiating a neighborhood community garden in your backyard; sharing your space with a neighbor; donating your abundance to a food pantry; create a community gathering; parking your car one extra day a week; walk, explore, take photos and meet your neighbors; and shorten your shower time by 5 minutes. 

The Challenge is You! Now is the Time to Stand Up to Be Counted!!

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