Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

I think we all would agree that there are few things in this world that taste better than a juicy homegrown tomato plucked right off the vine and popped straight into your mouth. Add a fresh salad with some herbs and we’ve just sent our taste buds to the moon and back. But there are more reasons to grow your own food than the sensational taste. Here are 6 more reasons why you might want to consider getting your hands in the dirt this spring.

  1. Save money $$: With gas prices soaring and the quality of food in the supermarket declining there is no better way to get healthy AND save money than by growing your own food.
  1. It’s safe: If you grow it, you know EXACTLY where it came from and how it was grown. You can be assured that it is GMO-free and it wasn’t grown with scary and harmful pesticides and herbicides.
  1. Improve your heath! It’s true, having easy access to healthy food is associated with lower risk for obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases. Getting outside and digging in your garden will allow you to exercise while at the same time provide opportunities for bonding with family and community. Growing and eating organic homegrown food is good for you. That is a FACT!
  1. Go local: There is nothing more local than food grown right on your own windowsill or in your backyard. Or, support your local community garden or neighbor and share in their garden. Now THAT is local.
  1. Save Energy: Modern farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry, consuming 12 percent of the country’s totally energy supply. Whoa. By growing your own food you’re being healthy and sustainable.
  1. Beautify the neighborhood: No one can deny a garden is beautiful. Do your part to beautify your neighborhood and grow your own! Inspire your neighbors to do the same or better yet, start a community garden. It’s a great way to make friends.
And, many of you have your own personal reasons for growing your own food. Here are a few of the reasons I’ve heard:

“It’s fun”
“Help others with good food”
“Self support”
“Share with others”

We’d like to hear from you. What are some of the reasons you choose to grow your own food? We’d like to know! And, you can tell us when you register to take the Victory Garden Transition Challenge … just click here.

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Written by Kristie Nackord - the 'herbalicious herb girl' behind Spirit Horse Herbals. She is passionate about growing her own food and medicinal herbs in the mountains of Colorado at 8300 feet. For more information on Kristie please visit: